Automatic sliding door system

Out Stand your expectations to choose Panasonic frame profiles doors , the entrance security system can easily control the personnel entering and leaving.
Panasonic decorated door frame profiles s can be a custom design and color, to fit in with the decorations of your entrance solutions.

Why should you choose Panasonic frame profiles set product door?

You as our customer, have the freedom to choose a variety of additional features , such as;
secondary sensor, multi-function module, electric lock, touch switch, remote control, backup battery etc. Panasonic frame profiles doors can be made according to customer’s installation requirements.

Easy to install:
Installation is to easy with Panasonic Systems allowing yourself to get the job done !
Just requires standard everyday ordinary installation tools. With ongoing convenience. Later maintenance is also very simple .

Beautiful shape:
A sight for sore eyes Panasonic excels in visual appeal as well as quality that will last our frame profiles door body has a sleek appearance; the color is up to you to ensure the main building style fits in with your new door.

Quality assurance:
The whole body is all made of high quality aluminum alloy. And with the Panasonic quality engine system, we can give you the most comfortable quality guarantee.

In short, with our customized designs, easy installations and quality assurance, you can rest assured with the best product on the market.

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