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About Us


panasonic-logoPADORS is the sole Australian distributor for Panasonic automatic door systems, door hardware and accessories, thriving at turning your requirements, in terms of safety, functionality and reliability , into reality. We supply all this for you and much more outstanding designs offering efficient automatic entrance systems by inheriting the tenacious durability of optimum Japanese products with purpose of effortless installation.

PADORS independent take pride in supplying modern styled garage doors & partition walls ranging from fixed to movable dividing spaces with versatile combination options for all wall systems developing innovative solutions.

Providing safety and security , control as well as economical accommodating to your current needs and the solution to your future needs.

Widely distributed in airports, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings and retail stores striving to add beauty and elegance to any room & environment . Constantly updating our line with modern, elegant finishes, and designs so that our walls are as beautiful as they are functional.
PADORS will meet any of your automatic entrance requirements, installation and after-sale service committed to providing exceptional quality products and services.