Panasonic Swing Door

Panasonic automatic swing door operator can compliment any entrance . With easy installation, our devices can be mounted onto the original standard door delivering the ultimate transformation to an automatic swing door quickly and stress free.

Panasonic swing door operator is ultra-quiet. This makes the swing door operator useful in hospitals, hotel rooms or high grade apartments making your arrival and departure a breeze.

At Panasonic we thrive keeping people safe and secure with reliable resistance response with interference during either the open or the close.

Through continuous improvement and endless positive feedback , the new generation of Panasonic swing door operators provides a more stable usage and a higher quality than ever before.

Automatic sliding door system

Out Stand your expectations to choose Panasonic frame profiles doors , the entrance security system can easily control the personnel entering and leaving.
Panasonic decorated door frame profiles s can be a custom design and color, to fit in with the decorations of your entrance solutions.

Why should you choose Panasonic frame profiles set product door?

You as our customer, have the freedom to choose a variety of additional features , such as;
secondary sensor, multi-function module, electric lock, touch switch, remote control, backup battery etc. Panasonic frame profiles doors can be made according to customer’s installation requirements.

Easy to install:
Installation is to easy with Panasonic Systems allowing yourself to get the job done !
Just requires standard everyday ordinary installation tools. With ongoing convenience. Later maintenance is also very simple .

Beautiful shape:
A sight for sore eyes Panasonic excels in visual appeal as well as quality that will last our frame profiles door body has a sleek appearance; the color is up to you to ensure the main building style fits in with your new door.

Quality assurance:
The whole body is all made of high quality aluminum alloy. And with the Panasonic quality engine system, we can give you the most comfortable quality guarantee.

In short, with our customized designs, easy installations and quality assurance, you can rest assured with the best product on the market.

Panasonic sliding door

You never knew how good a door could be, until you see Panasonic new entrance automation systems ,door hardware and accessories.

There are a lot of competing products on the market, but Panasonic is committed to out stand above all delivering nothing but the best for our clients bringing innovative durable systems you can count on.

As a classic flagship product, why is Panasonic sliding door so popular?

High Safety: The use of advanced technology sensor induction it has the rebound function if blocked increasing the safety aspects. In an emergency this door can be programmed to react to allow the maximum number of people to exit.

Superior Quality: Panasonic sliding door products have been tested over 100 million times with continuous opening and closing to ensure its long service life. In order for the Panasonic automation equipment to be ready for special climate conditions on the coast, it was subjected to the 48 hour salt spray test. Not only that, Panasonic requires all products meet the EU RoHS detection so that all our systems can provide more energy saving and environmental protection. Some of our units have been installed since the 1980s with no faults reported.

Hardware Outstanding: Uses a new intelligent brushless DC motor. Small size, big on power, silent operation and has a long lifespan to meet customer demand. Give you more then you bargained for ensuring you’ll be satisfied and comfortable at home or away at work.

With our outstanding safety features, quiet workings and intelligent designs, makes us first choice for your new automatic door.

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