Automatic Doors

Individual style for individual site. We offer a complete solution that will work with your door requirements. We use Panasonic operator to our automatic door. Therefore, the phenomenal quality reliability, durability and safety will be assured of by the outstanding global company. Panasonic has been in the automatic doors industry since 1972, which is with a great research and development team to ensure that we have the cutting-edge product for the modern building and construction industry.

Door Hardware

PADORS supply a range of door hardware products from Panasonic, which Includes door closers, floor springs, patch fittings and others. It can be used for residential, official and any other places. We offer the best quality products with Panasonic. Our products has been used and working well in the worldwide range.

Partition Walls

Whether it is a movable wall or a fixed unit, our range is second to none. With experienced designers, highly skilled engineers and installation team, we provide reasonable scheme of decoration and high-quality products to create a comfortable and perfect business space. The partition wall can be reusable, Eco-friendly and sound insulation, as well as fire rated is available. To exceed any expectations with a wall to suit your needs.

Garage Door & Gate Opener

At PADORS, we supply and install a full range of automatic garage door and gate openers with all of the extras you require. PADORS uses the very latest wireless technologies, precise activation and reliable threshold protection, all that with easy installation. Our aim is to offer unprecedented levels in service and excel in every product. That means our garage doors, gates and all of our accessories are reliable, strong and aesthetically pleasing for many years to come.