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Automatic Doors

Individual styles for individual sites. We offer a complete solution that will work with any of your automatic entrance requirements. Our automatic door operator brand is Panasonic, a well respected global company, ensuring phenomenal quality reliability, durability and safety. Panasonic have been in the automatic doors industry since 1972, with a great research and development team to ensure that we have a cutting-edge product for the modern building and construction industry.

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Sliding Doors

Custom made.
Useful in a variety of places and situations with different operators and profiles.

Swing Doors

Stylish and elegant.
For useing in residential, official, commercial and all other situations.

Revolving Doors

In two, three or four wings, we can make the design for any space.
Reliability, safety and durability.

Interior Magnetic Sliding Doors

Ultra compact automatic sliding door operator for interior use. Outstanding convenience for user and unique operational behaviour.