Interior Magnetic Sliding Doors

Suitable for high end flat, meeting room, studio, showroom, physiotherapy club, hospital consulting room, clean room and high-class hotel. This door has the ability to rebound when encountering an obstacle. It will automatically rebound to the fully open position, ensuring the safety of the user.

Ultra compact automatic sliding door operator for interior use outstanding user convenience and unique operational behavior characterise the automatic sliding door operator CS 80 MAGNEO. The door is driven by the magnetic and thus contactless shear wave of a linear DC motor. The CS 80 MAGNEO offers the twin benefits of almost silent operation and the ultimate in reliability in compact design. Suitable for residential, internal office fit outs and other light commercial applications.

Technical parameters    
Open style Single open
Track length 1550 ~ 2650mm
Weight of the door 20 ~ 50kg
Door width 700 ~ 1250mm
Door rail mounting Surface Mounted Built-in
Door cabinet Dimensions (W × H) 61.5 × 95mm 83.5 × 60mm
Opening speed 300/400 / 500mm / s Three adjustable (factory setting 400mm / s)
Closing speed 200/300 / 350mm / s Three adjustable (factory setting 300mm / s)
Opening Hours 1 ~ 10s (factory setting 3s)
Manual opening force ≤14.7N (1.5kgf)
Ambient temperature -10 ~ 40
Voltage AC 220V ± 10%