PS-120/PS150, the most popular operators to suit a wide rang from light to heavy duty door applications which can operate up to 1500kg per leaf and 300kg two- leaf. These units are ideal for high traffic internal and external entrance with long working life.
They are widely applied in commercial, private or public entrance. It is suitable for single and double leaf doors, light or heavy, frameless and toughened glass systems and framed doors. It can be used for exterior or interior doors, for escape routes and high security areas. Suitable for automatic sliding doors which are subject to high traffic volumes, where specious entrance opening, functionality and safety are factors.

Equipped with power 80W motor, this system that can operate even heavier doors with smooth, robust efficiency. With proven track record in international markets, its high-quality materials and the latest motion sensor technology guarantee a premium performance. Its long working life, universal application and the absolutely smooth and silent door movements make SP-280 instantly recognizable in the industry. It simply cannot fail to impress. It can with gentle ease move heavy door leafs and at the same time, it offers the maximum opening speed in the market. It gives architects and developers a scope for imagination in their projects as it allows for very high and wide opening.


  • 75w/80w DC brushless motor means efficient, powerful and stable.
  • High-performance DCU (controller) makes this unit more safety, and extra multi-functional is available. For example, remote control, auto open when fire alarm, one way operating and other functional parts.
  • Super quiet design. Using the new quiet motor, operation noise is less than 50db
  • Reliability and low maintenance costs.
  • Updated sensor improves the degree of dexterity.


  • Max. door leaf weight: 120kg/150kg x1 (single) or 240kg/300kg x2 (double)
  • Door width: 900-1265 mm
  • Opening speed: 14-40 seconds (adjustable)
  • Closing speed: 9-40 seconds (adjustable)
  • Motor: Brushless motor, 75w/80w, DC 24v
  • Working temperature: -20 ℃ - +50 ℃

Casement style Single open Double open Single open Double open
Weight of the door 120kg less 120kg less × 2 150kg less 150kg less × 2
Door width DW = 600-1250mm
Installation Method Surface Built-in Surface Built-in Surface Built-in Surface Built-in
Opening speed 14-41cm / sec (remote control adjustable) 14-40cm / sec (remote control adjustable) 14-41cm / sec (remote control adjustable) 14-34cm / sec (remote control adjustable)
Closing speed 10-40cm / sec (remote control adjustable) 10-38cm / sec (remote control adjustable) 10-39cm / sec (remote control adjustable) 14-34cm / sec (remote control adjustable)
Opening Hours 0-9 seconds
When the power is turned manually force 46N (4.7kgf) 61.7N (6.3kgf) 63.7N (6.5kgf) 89.2N (9.1kgf)
Ambient temperature -20 - + 50
Voltage AC200-250V 50 / 60Hz