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The PS-250 is engineered to control and operate special entrances and applications using extra heavy door leaves. This system uses advanced technology incredibly low noise, while having an intelligent management function It is safe and durable in the market for many years. PS-250 is the ideal solution for special heavy-duty applications, retains good performance.


  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor, service life up to 1 million cycles.
  • Using new controllers and new network interface, achieve a variety of management functions
  • Utilising advanced technology sensor which is Panasonic appearance patent
  • Network control by central computer manage all functions of the operator system.
  • Intelligent Management, automatically adjusts opening delay time based on traffic flow of people, when people flow automatically extended open time, avoid frequent opening and closing; when reducing the flow of people, automatically returns to the set time.


  • Max. door leaf weight: 250kg x1 (single) or 250kg x2 (double)
  • Door width: 800-1500 mm
  • Opening speed: 100~500mm/s(adjustable)recommendation: ≤280mm/s
  • Closing speed: 100~500mm/s(adjustable)recommendation: ≤280mm/s
  • Working temperature: -20 ℃ - +50 ℃

Engine device product number (with auxiliary light sensor) NSXZ12525F NSXZ12550F NSXZ12560F
Style Single open Double open
Weight of the door 250kg less 250kg less × 2
Door width DW = 800 ~ 1500mm DW = 800 ~ 1500mm
Installation Surface
Opening speed 100 ~ 500mm / s (adjustable) recommend the safe use of speed ≤280mm / s
Closing speed 100 ~ 500mm / s (adjustable) recommend the safe use of speed ≤280mm / s
Opening time 0 ~ 30s (adjustable)
When the power is turned manually force ≤150n (15.3kgf)
Ambient temperature -20 To + 50 ° C
Voltage AC220V ± 10% 50 ~ 60HZ