Curved Doors

A curved sliding door makes an architectural statement and demonstrates style and character. Both internally and externally, this door can be fitted as part of a Panasonic sliding door solution, or can be adapted to a wide range of existing doors or customer requirements whichever direction you choose you can create a startlingly elegant and prestigious entrance.

Technical Specifications Curved doors
Radius 1500R 2000R 2500R
Weight of the door 100kg * 2
Opening speed 150 ~ 420mm / sec (adjustable) 150 ~ 500mm / sec (adjustable)
Closing speed opening hours 100 ~ 420mm / sec (adjustable) 100 ~ 500mm / sec (adjustable)
Opening hours The range of 0-9 seconds after the still open (adjustable)
Controller High-speed smart computer processor control
Motor DC24V 50W brushless motor
Power supply voltage AC 200V-250V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 50W 50W
Manual opening force 61N 50N
Security features When closing obstacle can be opened immediately
Ambient temperature -20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
Maximum opening 1092mm 2570mm 3210mm