Hermetic Doors

As the leading enterprise of the automatic door industry, Panasonic takes advantage of its strong research and development capacity to develop automatic doors for medical use with the highest safety aspects providing air tightness and comfort. The hermetic automatic door can effectively prevent dust in the air from entering the room so to avoid bacterial infection, save air conditioning costs and reduce noise. Panasonic hermetic automatic doors combined with the induction system achieve a real air-tight effect to prevent infection. A perfect solution for construction and the transformation of entrances, these doors are not only designed for use in a medical setting, they can also be used for :
  • Food storage
  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics

Practical type-sliding door for medical use

Motor: service life more than 2 million cycles, equipped with overheating protection device and high speed adjustability
Controller: Program optimized, stable operation
Remote control: Simple easy setup and operation
Opening method: single opening (left or right opening)or dual opening