Swing Doors

The Panasonic auto swing door is one of the most intelligent swing door operators on the market currently, and its low-energy performance means it is a very cost effective option for your automated swing door entrance. Battery back-up ensures operation even when the power is interrupted, while an intelligent locking function adds security.
Automatic swing door operator by Panasonic is a product which is widely used in escape routes and fire exits of factories, hospitals, offices, private houses and various other places. It is designed to be used either internally or externally.
It is simple to install this product, specifically, the installation of a automatic swing door can be completed by the addition of parts to the existing manual door.

Maximum Door Width – 1000mm
Maximum Door weight – 100kg
Door Engine unit size – 525mm x 80mm x 90mm (length, height, depth)
Opening and closing force – below 150N
Delayed time when opening the door 1-60s adjustable with multi-position
Opening mode – Single direction opening
Detection Mode – Microwave detection
Maximum opening angle – 115 degrees
Service life – Pass 500 thousand opening and closing life test
Optional parts – safe life curtain sensor