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Door Hardware

PADORS supply a range of door hardware products from Panasonic. Including door closer, floor spring, patch fitting and so on. Whether it is for the home, office or wherever required. We are backed by the Panasonic brand thus our products are of the highest quality, they are being sold and used with confidence throughout the world.

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Door Closers

High quality oil hydraulic door closers Wheel, gear and piston of the door closer are made of extra fine carbon construction with several heat treatment processes which ensures stable quality and excellent mechanical performance. The launcher is made of quality wires to ensure the closing force and long service life.

Floor springs

90 degree location Angle for door opening and closing. Operating life 500 thousand cycles. Easy installation, convenient adjustment, universal design, suitable for left and right handed doors.

Patch Fittings

Panasonic Door Clamp products are artistic. Can be applied to various glass doors of hotels, shopping malls and office buildings. All the key parts of these products are made with high strength Zinc alloy. The products are durable, safe and reliable.